Sunday Service

Every Sunday - 1:00 P.M.

Led by Speaker Gabriel, Sunday services are open to all, and delivered in Veritan Standard. Children and families are welcome! Services include stories, meditation, music, hot fresh bread, and a strong community. The Veritan Gods are invoked by Speaker Gabriel as guardians and representations of all faiths, though worshipers of all walks of life attend and enjoy.

High Courts - Ritual and Feast

6 times yearly - See Calendar

A High Court is an elaborate and engaging ritual of much larger proportions than what you would find on a Sunday. It is focused on one of the Six Gods in Verity, and the following feast is planned rather than potluck style.  There is music, lots of color, and the Speakers tend to have a fun twist planned for the evening.  Check out the Google Calendar for updates on High Court details!

The Pagan Sabbats

Scheduled periodically

Sacred Journey is coordinating with outside covens to bring you celebrations of the Sabbats, the 8 neo-pagan holidays as represented by the Wheel of the Year. The most commonly recognized Sabbats are as follows: Midwinter (Yule), the Winter Solstice in December;  Imbolc in February to mark the first stirrings of Spring; the Spring equinox Ostara; Beltane (May Day), traditionally the first day of Summer in Ireland; Midsummer or Litha (Summer Solstice); Lamas or Lughnasadh (the first harvest); the Autumn Equinox Mabon; and finally Samhain (pronounced Sah-win), the last harvest celebration and the end of the old year, also known as All Souls Night. Keep an eye on our Google Calendar for who we will have join us and when! Sabbats are joyous occasions to experience.

Our Events

Full Moon Celebration

Every month on the full moon- 7:00 P.M.

The Full Moon Celebration is an enchanting experience, a celebration of life, the human experience and nature.  The full moon is welcome to all and there is no invitation needed. Sometimes it is indoors, sometimes out. Each moon celebrates either the light or dark side of one of the Veritan Gods, though all are welcome!

Eclectic Divination Workshop


A hands-on experience for those interested in learning divination.  Tarot, runes, flame-gazing, cartomancy, ink-scrying, pendulum, and many obscure divination types. Friendly to beginners and laid back environment.

A home for alternative spirituality

Our Whole Lives - Lifespan Sexuality Education - Ages 18 to 35

Second Workshop TBD

A curriculum supported by the Unitarian Universalist Association, Our Whole Lives (OWL) is both informative and discussion-based. It studies the journey of sexuality: what we've experienced (or not), myths we've heard, and answers to questions like "Am I normal?" and "Is this safe?" Ages 18 - 35, all orientations and gender identities, come learn and choose your own level of involvement. There will be a male and a female facilitator within this age group.