A home for alternative spirituality

Your tradition's voice

We are in search of groups which will come in and utilize Sacred Journey as a public ritual space. We want to have as many traditions represented as possible. We are also looking for groups which can be scheduled for full moons and Sabbats in future dates. Email contact@sacredjourneyfellowship.org for info, and make your voice heard! Every welcoming tradition has a place with us.


We rent out our building and grounds for private rituals, yoga practice, and celebrations of all kinds. We have outdoor ritual space, a sanctuary set up for pagan worship, a children's room, a library (currently undergoing maintenance) and a kitchen stocked with cookware. Curious? Let's start dialog! Email contact@sacredjourneyfellowship.org.


We have a growing membership with Sacred Journey and would love to welcome you into our family. Membership grants full use of the library, ability to vote in congregational meetings, and ability to run for a board position. It is also a pledge that you would like to see Sacred Journey not only carry on, but grow and thrive. We will also be arranging plans for an annual thank-you dinner, as budget allows.