We are a small Unitarian Universalist congregation in Garland, TX.

Located at 1215 Main Street in Downtown Garland, Sacred Journey is a center for Veritan and pagan spirituality. We are a welcoming congregation whose main gatherings are our Sunday afternoon services, and we are trying to hold as many events as we can!

A place to put down roots.

We are diverse and growing!

Like all other Unitarian Universalist churches, we are a Welcoming Congregation. Our members agree not to discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We acknowledge the importance of honoring both masculine and feminine divinity, and do our best to strike a balance in worship. Newcomers are frequent, primarily through our meetup page, usually solitary nature-based spiritualists seeking community or information. We have a large concentration of Veritans, a 6-deity religion based out of this location. We are also child-friendly, with a growing group of families in our midst.

Welcome to Sacred Journey Fellowship.

What to expect:

Weekend events such as services, full moon celebrations, High Courts, and Sabbats are our best attended events. As with many churches, events during the week will tend to be smaller-scale and quieter. However, wherever you go, you can expect to be accepted regardless of spiritual path (or lack thereof), age, gender, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, abilities, mobility, who you chose to love, what pronouns you use or how you express gender. We are also a place of learning, so you can feel welcome to ask questions. We have a library where you can find many answers on alternative spiritual topics.

All participation in services and ceremonies is voluntary, accommodations for disability will always be made upon notification of the need, and no age is too young or too old to take part in the joys of community. More parking is in the back, there is a ramp for attendees who struggle with stairs, and there is a children's room with toys and a craft station within ten feet of the sanctuary. Most of all, what newcomers comment on is how uplifted they feel within the community. We hope that you will give us a chance to share that with you! Check out our events page for details.

A home for alternative spirituality